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Recent Broadcast and Print References

South Dakota Public Broadcasting, “The Dawes Act of 1887 Diminished Tribal Ownership,” June 23, 2020:

Native Business Magazine,  “Move to Strip MHA Nation of Missouri Mineral Rights Is a ‘Land Grab’ and ‘Attack on Our Trust Resources.’” June 16, 2020:

Minot Daily News, “Tribe responds to Interior Department’s river mineral rights opinion,” June 4, 2020:

South Dakota Public Broadcasting, “Cheyenne River Tribe Says Oahe Dam Has Caused Problems for Decades,” October 17, 2019:

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The Nation, “This Government Agency Has the Power to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, Will It?,” November 14, 2016:, “Michael Lawson:  Roots of the #NoDAPL movement go back decades,” November 8, 2016:

The Dallas Morning News, “Oil safety or environmental racism? SMU forum shows Dakota Access Pipeline divide, October 25, 2016:

New York Times, ‘I Want to Win Someday:’ Tribes Make Stand Against Pipeline,” September 8, 2016:, “About Michael L. Lawson:”

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